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Prosecution closes case against pro-Yanukovych ex-MP

He was suspected of embezzling the "Kyoto money" and taking over a huge market.

Prosecution closes case against pro-Yanukovych ex-MP
Yuriy Ivanyushchenko

The Odesa regional prosecutor's office closed criminal proceedings No 42015000000000207 against former notorious MP Yuriy Ivanyushchenko in April 2019, has learnt from resolutions of the prosecutor's office.

He was a suspect in two episodes of the case.

The first one concerned the embezzlement of money allocated under the Kyoto Protocol for insulating social facilities in Luhansk Region.

In December 2014, Ivanyushchenko was declared a suspect under Article 368-2 Part 3, Article 27 Part 3, Article 191 Part 5 of the Criminal Code over especially large illegal enrichment (618m hryvnyas) and seizure of an especially large sum of state budget funds as a result of a collusion by a group of persons.

However, in 2015-2016, the courts of all instances confirmed that Ivanyushchenko's Karpatybudinvest LLC delivered on its commitments and in early April 2019, the Kiev Court of Appeal ordered prosecutors to clear Ivanyushchenko from suspicion in the absence of corpus delicti.

The second episode concerns the acquisition of shares in the authorized capital of Promrynok LLC (7th km market in Odesa). In September 2016, Ivanyushchenko was declared a suspect under Article 27 Part 3, Article 28 Part 2, Article 189 Part 3, Article 27 Part 3, Article 388 Part 3 over the extortion of shares in Promrynok LLC from its founders and the forgery of the official minutes of the general meeting of LLC stockholders on the basis of which the market was transferred into the property of Ivanyushchenko.

Ivanyushchenko's suspected accomplices were his business partner Ivan Avramov and former market director Oleh Hres.

However, the investigators failed to prove that the former owners donated their shares to Ivanyushchenko and his comrades under pressure, so the criminal case in this regard was closed too.

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