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Power struggle should not be at state expense – expert

Political forces and society should draw the "red lines".

Power struggle should not be at state expense – expert
Serhiy Meshcheryak
Photo: Max Trebukhov

Serhiy Meshcheryak, an expert in international law, has said that political forces and society should come to an agreement and draw the "red lines" that cannot be crossed in the political process. He said this at a roundtable discussion "The main question of modern Ukraine's political system" at Gorshenin Institute.

“Society should analyse and evaluate any political force or government based on a very simple criterion: how does the political force use power? Does it use power in the interests of society and for its development or for its own enrichment? In this context, an important aspect is the relationship between political life and national interests. We should not forget that the political cycle in Ukraine is happening amid Russian aggression. And the question of support or obtaining power cannot be solved at the expense of national interests. In this context, two things are very important for any government or party: the consolidation of society and the mobilisation of resources. Thus, political forces and society must agree which "red lines" cannot be crossed in the political process," he said.

According to Meshcheryak, foreign policy steps should have practical consequences in relation to the aggressor country.

"These are, first of all, issues related to state sovereignty and territorial integrity. If we look at foreign policy, it should protect national interests while foreign policy steps should not only demonstrate some purely symbolic actions towards the aggressor state but should have practical consequences too," he added.

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