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Presidential party's rating goes down to 42% - survey

Five parties are set to make it to parliament.

Presidential party's rating goes down to 42% - survey
Photo: Max Levin

The Servant of the People party remains the leader in terms of public support but its rating continues to decrease.

Currently, 42.3% of voters who are going to go to the polls on 21 July and made up their mind are ready to support this party. Last week, there were over 45% of such people.

These are the findings of the Rating Group pollster which carried out a survey among 2,500 respondents during face-to-face interviews on 29 June-3 July. The sampling error does not exceed 2%.

According to the survey results, four more parties are set to make it to parliament: Viktor Medvedchuk's Opposition Platform-For Life, 13.4%, Petro Poroshenko's European Solidarity, 8.3%, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk's Holos (Voice), 7.2%, and Yuliya Tymoshenko's Fatherland, 7.2%.

Among those under the threshold are Ihor Smeshko's Strength and Dignity, 3.8%, Opposition Bloc, 3.1%, Ukrainian Strategy, 2.8%, the Radical Party, 2.4%, Civic Position, 2.4%, Freedom, 2.3%, Shariy's Party, 1.8%, and Self-Help, 1.1%.

Other parties are below 1%.

Ukraine will hold a snap parliamentary election on 21 July.

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