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Ex-MP Nayem said invited to work for defence concern

He may become its deputy director.

Ex-MP Nayem said invited to work for defence concern
Mustafa Nayem
Photo: Economic Strategy Centre

Former MP Mustafa Nayem may become a deputy director of the state-owned defence concern Ukroboronprom, editor in chief Sonya Koshkina has said on Telegram.

"Under Petro Oleksiyovych [Poroshenko], Ukroboronprom was one of the most significant corruption hotbeds. Instead of doing away with it once and for all, ZeTeam decided to 'purge', reform and optimize Ukroboronprom. Aivaras Abromavicius was appointed director-general with this in mind. Soon, a nomination board was set up on his initiative and foreign advisers were involved in the selection of top managers. The task was to find a team for key areas: finance, procurement and asset management, as well as for a number of new functions required for a quick launch of transformation processes in Ukroboronprom," she said.

Current candidates for deputy directors are:

1. Mustafa Nayem (ex-MP, ex-journalist)

2. Mykhaylo Morozov (solid experience in defence industry, including Ukroboronprom branches)

3. Serhiy Ivanyuta (worked for the Ukrhazdobycha gas extraction company)

4. Roman Bondar (a partner at the Odgers Berndtson recruiting company)

5. Nadiya Bihun (worked for Prozorro and Ukrposhta).

The candidates will undergo a special check and sit a polygraph test.

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