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Ukrainian president's press marathon in quotes

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is holding a press marathon in Kyiv Food Market, a hipster new eating venue in the Ukrainian capital.

Photo: Max Levin

About possible meddling in the US presidential election in 2016

"I think Ukrainians should investigate this on their own. The reasons for this probably exist. Ukrainians should investigate this on their own, first of all, because this is our case. It is important for us to prevent any our interference in any country's elections in the future."

"Ukraine does not interfere in elections. We are not like this. If the previous authorities interfered, give us details and we will investigate."

"The USA gave me nothing, no details on Burisma. I did not get any details about our involvement in your previous election."

About the 25 July phone conversation with Donald Trump

"There was no blackmail because that was not the subject of our discussion at all."

"As you know they had blocked that [military aid] programme back in July. They had blocked it even before we had our discussion. But we did not touch on this issue during our conversation." 

Photo: Max Levin

About relations with German Chancellor Angela Merkel

"Relations are very good."

"I am very grateful to her. Earlier, they returned Russia to the PACE, continued Nord Stream 2. I talked to them a lot. They expressed their position because they protect their country, their business. This position does not suit me as the president of Ukraine."

About Normandy Four talks

"If we fail to find a dialogue, which has not existed indeed, if we fail in the Normandy format - and if, as a person, I sense that there will be no dialogue, it is not going to work. And I will openly speak about this in the Normandy format." 

"If I fee; that we will not be able to control elections, the border in any way, I will get back to you and we will never return to this plan under these authorities."

Photo: Max Levin

About Donbas

"If a person living in Donbas does not consider himself Ukrainianian, I cannot get into his head and explain it to him. It is his vision and wish. But all those people living there, knowing, feeling and considering themselves Ukrainians must know that we are not leaving them, not abandoning them. We will certainly bring them back together with the territories."

About possible antigovernment mass protests

"I am not afraid of this. Any moment, any second, if society indeed does not want my team to continue or me to be the president... Look, there will be no bloodshed. I am absolutely calm about this."

About liberal society

"I don't want to say anything bad about LGBT people. We live in an open and free society where everyone can choose their language, nationality and sexual orientation."

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