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New MP group set up in Ukrainian parliament

It will support the presidential faction.

New MP group set up in Ukrainian parliament
Photo: Facebook/Oleh Kulinich

Seventeen MPs have set up a new group, Trust, in parliament, speaker Dmytro Razumkov has announced.

The group is headed by MP Oleh Kulinich. During the previous convocation, he was a member of the Revival group.

A source in the Servant of the People leadership told that the group would support the presidential faction with votes.

"What is more, it is planned that some MPs from the For Future group will smoothly move to the Trust group," he said.

European Solidarity MP Oleksiy Honcharenko later posted on Telegram the alleged list of the Trust group members.

In addition to Kulinich and his deputy Valeriy Lunchenko, these are Pavlo Bakunets, Mykola Lyushnyak, Vasyl Petyovka, Andriy Kot, Valeriy Davydenko, Borys Prykhodko, Robert Horvat, Serhiy Shakhov, Serhiy Velmozhnyy, Oleksandr Sukhov, Maksym Yefimov, Oleksandr Kovalyov, Volodymyr Areshonkov, Mykola Babenko, Andriy Ivanchuk and others/

According to the source in the Servant of the People faction, "the new group is controlled by Akhmetov and Veryovskyy".

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