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Ozone pollution in Kyiv excessive, dangerous for health, first study shows

Such levels of ozone concentration significantly affect public health.

The level of ozone pollution in the air in Kyiv steadily exceeds the limit of permissible concentration, which poses a direct threat to the health of city residents, as indicated by the study whose findings became available to

Over the past 10 years, the monitoring of ozone levels has been mandatory in the EU countries. In Ukraine, this air pollutant has not been monitored at all. The first scientific study to determine the limit concentrations of ozone in the surface layer of atmospheric air in the capital was conducted by the air quality laboratory of the Marzeyev Institute of Public Health of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

Scientists took measurements in May-September 2018 and 2019. During this entire period, ozone concentration was either close to the limit of the acceptable standard or greatly exceeded it (1-1.7 GDK).

"These indicators exceed the current standard in Ukraine in 25 cases, the European standard in each case analysed," the laboratory that conducted the study explained.

Such levels of ozone concentration significantly affect public health, causing an increase in deaths by 5-9%, according to the note to the study of Kyiv air.

The authors of the study also emphasize the need to introduce continuous monitoring of ozone pollution in Ukraine and to inform the public about its results.

According to the 2005 WHO Air Quality Guidelines, the most serious health risks are posed by PM pollution (particulate matter or, in other words, fine dust) from ozone, nitrogen and sulfur dioxide. In Ukraine, the analysis of PM and ozone is not carried out by any of the government agencies that carry out stationary monitoring of air.

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