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Ukrainians to be evacuated from Wuhan on 18 Feb - minister

Ukrainians to be evacuated from Wuhan on 18 Feb - minister
Zoryana Skaletska
Photo: Max Trebukhov

Ukrainians will be evacuated from Chinese Wuhan on 18 February and immediately placed in a 14-day quarantine, Health Minister Zoryana Skaletska has said.

"The Foreign Ministry communicates with our citizens in Wuhan, they have a chat room for communication. The Infrastructure Ministry is responsible for delivery and an aircraft. The government's operational HQ is in charge of the allocation of money and adoption of an algorithm. There are no delays. We have a systematic decision-making procedure to ensure they arrive in Ukraine and let them feel safe. The adopted decisions have been agreed with all the ministries. A plane will be sent on Tuesday [18 February] and on Wednesday the citizens of Ukraine will be in Ukrainian territory," she said on One Plus One TV.

Only citizens without any symptoms of the COVID-2019 would be taken to Ukraine, the minister said.

"First, the Chinese authorities will check whether they are health and then will let them out. A Ukrainian medical team onboard will also check them and will then stay with them in isolation. Isolation is at least 14 days," the minister added.

According to Skaletska, the Ukrainian authorities are considering four facilities to quarantine the Ukrainians from China.

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