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Kira Rudik replaces Vakarchuk at helm of Voice party

However, the singer will remain the party’s leader.

MP Kira Rudik will head the Voice parliamentary party instead of rock singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, who will remain the party’s leader.

“Today we are facing a very serious challenge: the authorities, under the guise of new faces, are actually bringing back the old ones. We are setting the opposite example: we are bringing new professional people to leadership positions in the party and in parliament. That is why the best manager of our team Kira Rudik was elected new head of the Voice party at today’s congress,” Vakarchuk said.

Rudik was No 3 on the party’s list in the early parliamentary elections. Prior to her election, she was Chief Executive Officer at Ring Ukraine, an IT company.

Vakarchuk remains the leader of the party, will continue his work in parliament and develop the party.

Rudik is the third head of the Voice party over the past year.

The party was created on 21 May 2019 on the basis of the Platform for Initiatives dummy party that had existed since 2015. Yuliya Klymenko, who was registered as head of the Voice political, was replaced by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk in July 2019.

In the 21 July 2019 election, Voice received 5.83% of the vote. Together with MPs elected in single-seat constituencies, it received 20 mandates.

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