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Kyiv cancels classes, mass events until April

The local authorities seek to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Kyiv cancels classes, mass events until April
Vitaliy Klitschko
Photo: Facebook/Klitschko, the mayor

The Kyiv city state administration is introducing a number of preventive restrictive measures as of 12 March to prevent a possible spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, mayor Vitaliy Klitschko has announced in a video posted on Facebook.

"Friends! To prevent a possible spread of the coronavirus disease, the capital authorities have approved a plan of anti-epidemic measures and restrictions. Although no cases of the disease have been registered in Kyiv yet, we decided not to wait and secure the residents of the city. We’ll introduce preventive measures in Kyiv as of 12 March. Preliminarily until the end of the month," he said.

In particular, the educational process in institutions of general and higher education, kindergartens, art and sports schools will be temporarily suspended. Public events will also be restricted.

“This also applies to concerts, conferences, film shows and other events. Entertainment centres and entertainment zones in shopping malls will also be closed,” the mayor explained.

Public transport will continue to operate as normal. It will be disinfected twice a day.

"Friends! Do not panic! Let us be responsible about our health, let us observe the rules of hygiene. And if you feel unwell, immediately consult a doctor. Take care of yourself and those who are around! Together we will overcome everything!" he added.

The preventive measures will be in effect from 12 March to 31 March 2020.

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