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Russia used up nearly all missiles and is trying to produce them day and night – General Staff

The authorities of the occupier country have switched the enterprises of the military-industrial complex to 24-hour mode of work.

Russia used up nearly all missiles and is trying to produce them day and night – General Staff
Photo: State Emergency Service of Ukraine

The strategic tasks of the Russian troops, which are to batter the groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reach the administrative borders of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and gain control over left-bank Ukraine, are still not carried out.

The enemy partly managed to temporarily occupy some settlements and control the thoroughfares in the Donetsk and Pivdennyi Buh districts. This has been reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at 12 pm.

By displacing uncoordinated and combat-ineffective subdivisions of the Central and Eastern military districts, occupiers are trying to build up their force in the direction of Kyiv.

“Due to the fact that almost all operational stock of missiles and some kinds of ammunition have been used up, the military-political leadership has made a decision to switch the enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex, involved in producing SLCM Kalibr and ammunition to MLRS Smerch, to 24-hour mode of work,” the General Staff notes.

In the Volynskyi, Poliskyi, Siverskyi directions there aren’t any substantial changes in Russians’ actions. They are focused on fortification of the taken positions.

In the Slobodzhanskyi and Sumskyi directions there aren’t any offensive actions. The enemy is regrouping and trying to build logistics.

“Occupiers are carrying out their intelligence more actively. Russian terrorist troops don’t give up on their attempts to take Izium city. They are reinforcing their groups by introducing new subdivisions, and they are implementing activities focused on organising engineering, material and technical support,” the General Staff notes.

In the Luhansk region the enemy has become more active near Rubiznhe, and is partly succeeding. Russian troops keep continuous shelling of unprotected civil infrastructure in order to intimidate civilians and limit the defence forces.

In the Donetsk region the enemy hasn’t been carrying out any military action.

In the Tavriiskyi direction the opponent is trying to establish a harsh administrative and police regime in temporarily occupied settlements of the Kherson region.

In the Pivdennobuzkyi direction there haven’t been any active actions of Russian occupiers. The enemy keeps shelling civil infrastructure and is enhancing the logistics system for the group.

As a reminder, occupiers have suffered significant losses of their resources. The command of the enemy’s army is forced to take extreme measures in terms of recruitment. They conduct hidden mobilization and engage so-called “volunteers”, conscript soldiers and cadets, as well as mercenaries from the Syrian Arab Republic.

As of 18 March, Russia’s fatalities constitute more than 14,000 personnel.

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