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In Donbas UAF repulsed 11 russians’ attacks

The units of the Air Defense (AD) downed 2 Orlan-10 and ZALA-421 drones, and destroyed 5 tanks and 2 Su-30.

In Donbas UAF repulsed 11 russians’ attacks
Photo: facebook/93-тя ОМБр Холодний Яр

During 4 May 2022, the groups of the Joint Forces repulsed 11 attacks of the enemy, reports the Joint Forces Operation.

Whilst the Ukrainian defenders destroyed 5 tanks, 7 armored combat vehicles, and 5 automobiles of the enemy.

The units of the AD downed 2 enemy aircrafts Su-30 and 2 Orlan-10 and ZALA-421 drones in the sky of Ukrainian Donbas.

Earlier, the day before, the occupiers lost 300 military men more. In general, as of 4 May 2022, the total combat losses of the enemy made up 24,500 soldiers. 

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