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Up to 170,000 Mariupol residents remain hostages of the occupiers, Azovstal is fired from heaven and earth, - Andryushchenko

All basements of the city are flooded, water runs through the streets.

Photo: Telegram/Andryushchenko Time

Russian troops attack the Azovstal plant in Mariupol from air and ground and try to advance inland.

The occupiers targeted not only the defenders, but also their families - yesterday they published personal contacts of the brides and wives of our soldiers on social networks, - announced in Telegram by Deputy Mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushchenko.

"The highest level of inhumanity and cynicism. We are all indebted to the Defenders of Mariupol," he said.

The humanitarian situation in Mariupol is also difficult.

"All basements are flooded, streets are turned into rivers. The water utility staff have received diving equipment and are trying to repair breaches in basements, unsuccessfully. Drinking water is still hard to access. Most Mariupol residents need to make a long way to go to water supply points (barrels or water carriers), but there is not enough water there," Andryushchenko said.

Water supply breakthroughs occurred due to shelling by the russians.

"Food. No change. The flow of traders from the surrounding villages and the growth of natural markets is increasing. But the problem is money. There is a second point of "cashing out" hryvnia near the" Metro" [store]. The exchange rate is 1.8, but in Donetsk it’s 2.2. Marauders under the "cover" of self-proclaimed mayor Ivanchenko are robbing Mariupol residents even here. In general, it is better to see the current realities of Mariupol now than to hear about them. 150-170,000 Mariupol residents remain hostages of the occupying power. There is almost no chance to escape to Ukraine," he stressed.

Defenders of Mariupol remain on the territory of Azovstal, in particular soldiers of the Azov Regiment, Marines of the 26th Brigade, border guards and law enforcement officers. There are many wounded among them.

Ukraine offers the occupiers an exchange: they will allow the seriously wounded to be taken out of Azovstal, and we will give them the captured russians.

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