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Russia continues to threaten at least 30 cruise missiles from the sea

In addition to ships, the enemy keeps a submarine ready.

Russia continues to threaten at least 30 cruise missiles from the sea
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Photo: EPA/UPG

An enemy submarine group maintains a submarine. Despite the variable number of ships, russia continues to threaten to strike at least 30 cruise missiles.

This is stated in the report from the operational command "South" as of the evening of 13 May.

On the confrontation line of the Kherson region and the Mykolaiv region, the enemy continues military operations on the occupied frontier. Defenders' units do not allow the enemy to attack and advance.

The occupiers roamed the suburban area and agricultural lands of Mykolayiv. Fortunately, no casualties. At Zmiinyy island the rushists stubbornly set up air defence systems, trying to provide cover from the possible damage to their ship's personnel.

"In the Odesa region, in the areas adjacent to the state border, in particular with unrecognized Transnistria, the control over the observance of the border regime has been strengthened. Please, be aware and responsible, follow the algorithm of response to the announced alarms, carefully check the information and trust only reliable sources of information, believe in the forces of defence - together we will win! " called in command "South".

According to yesterday's effective use of missile and artillery strikes in cooperation with the Air Force, Ukraine's defence destroyed 65 occupiers, an electronic warfare station, armoured vehicles and russian vehicles.

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