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Ukraine's envoy to UN Security Council: "The only truly right avenue is for Russia to surrender and withdraw"

Ukraine will put up resistance to Russian invaders until all occupied territories, including Crimea, are liberated.

Ukraine's envoy to UN Security Council: "The only truly right avenue is for Russia to surrender and withdraw"
Sergiy Kyslytsya

Permanent Representative of Ukraine, Ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya has said in a speech to the UN Security Council meeting that not a single state present in the chamber, besides Russia, is responsible for the Council's inability to effectively perform its functions under the UN Charter. "It is solely the presence of Russia in the permanent seat of the Soviet Union that has immobilized the Security Council in relation to ensuring the peace and security of Ukraine," he said.

He pointed out that Ukraine would keep on fighting until the last inch of the sovereign territory of Ukraine, including Crimea, was liberated.

"We are defending ourselves, Europe, the world and the UN Charter," he noted. "I emphasize, in strict accordance with the provisions of Article 51 of the UN Charter that we all have committed to uphold. We will fight against the occupiers until all the Russian soldiers who entered Ukraine to kill its people are defeated. The only thing that Putin can do to save the lives of his soldiers is to order their immediate withdrawal."

He compared resistance against Putin to fight against Hitler during World War Two.

"The evil of Putin as that of Hitler before him requires a global response. This was the case during the Second World war. This is the case right now and Ukraine and its allies are doing their best to ensure such a response. The liberation of Ukrainian territories that is well underway in the Kharkiv and Kherson regions serves as the best proof of the effectiveness of our efforts," Kyslytsya said.

"The Russian Federation has already abused the Security Council on many occasions, including this week. We call on Russia to learn to respect this body. It is apparent, however, that the Russian delegation has lot of delusions - false beliefs that are not based in reality," Kyslytsya argued. "Yet, there's only one truly right avenue to save the lives of thousands of Ukrainian and in fact Russian citizens. That is to surrender and withdraw! If that does not happen no therapy will help."

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