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NATO Foreign Ministers to discuss strengthening Ukrainian air defence in Bucharest

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is expected to call for increased winter support.

NATO Foreign Ministers to discuss strengthening Ukrainian air defence in Bucharest
Jens Stoltenberg

NATO foreign ministers will discuss strengthening military support to Ukraine and assistance in restoring energy infrastructure at a summit in Bucharest. The meetings will be held on 29-30 November, Reuters reports.

US Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is to make a call for more winter support. The ministers will focus on military assistance, in particular enhancing air defence and ammunition supplies.

According to journalists, Stoltenberg plans to increase non-lethal assistance from NATO allies.

"It is going to be a terrible winter for Ukraine, so we are working to strengthen our support for it to be resilient," a senior European diplomat, whose name wasn't disclosed, told reporters.

Germany, which holds the G7 presidency, has also scheduled a meeting of the G7 with some partners on the sidelines of NATO talks as it presses for ways to speed up the reconstruction of Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

On the military side, NATO continues to push arms manufacturers to speed up production, but another diplomat warned that supply problems are growing.

"We are doing the maximum we can on deliveries, but there is a real problem. The Ukrainians know it. Even the U.S. weapons industry despite its strength is having issues," the diplomat said.

Ministers will also discuss Ukraine's application for NATO membership. But they are likely to only reaffirm the Alliance's open door policy, while membership is still a long way off for a country at war.

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