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Video of 22 March escalation in eastern Ukraine

Ukrainian servicemen found themselves prone to a pincer. has come into possession of a video of the night engagement in the industrial area of Avdiyivka, Donetsk Region after its journalist witnessed it with his own eyes.

In his words, the shooting started at 18:00 on 22 March and continued through the night. Ukrainian servicemen found themselves prone to a pincer attack and doctors could not get through to the wounded before the morning. Among all, pro-Russian militants were observed to be using heavy weapons such as tanks and mortars.

According to official reports, heavy shooting in this sector of the front started at about 19:00, with the enemy actively using heavy weapons, including mortars, tanks and 122-mm cannons. After a heavy artillery barrage, the enemy went on the offensive which lasted for about three hours. The antiterrorist operation forces repelled the enemy's attempts to advance, thus leaving the front line unchanged. The enemy was shooting from two directions at once - from Spartak in the south and Yasynuvata in the east.

One Ukrainian serviceman was killed and 10 wounded in Donbas on 22 March.

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