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Crimean Tatar activist's son beaten by masked men

Fakhri Muratov's family called the police.

Crimean Tatar activist's son beaten by masked men
Photo: Oleksandra Yefymenko's Facebook

Unidentified masked individuals without insignia driving two cars cut in ahead of the car of Fakhri Muratov, son of an audit commission member of the Crimean Tatar Kurultay, Remzi Muratov, in Dzhankoy on 6 February.

They blocked Fakhri's car, pulled him out and started kicking him in the stomach and legs in silence. They pushed him to the floor, searched the car and then left, according to an correspondent.

Muratov's family reported the incident to police.

"He was dirty and beaten all over, scared. Imagine you got attacked by camouflaged men," his mother Lenura said.

Police suggested it was an "operation to bust drug dealers" and the Crimean Tatar was "confused for someone".

On 22 March 2016, Russia-controlled law enforcers searched Remzi Muratov's house in Dzhankoy. He was later summoned as a witness to the local directorate of the Federal Security Service (FSB) in the case of Lenur Islyamov, whom Russia accuses of a sabotage act over his participation in the blockade of the administrative border between mainland Ukraine and Russia-annexed Crimea. On 15 August, law enforcers also searched a private company owned by Remzi Muratov.

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