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Presidential administration plotting to replace PM – source

The president's bloc will push to sack its four ministers.

On the initiative of the presidential administration, the Petro Poroshenko Bloc (PPB) is prepared to recall its four ministers from the government – Finance Minister Oleksandr Danylyuk, acting Health Minister Ulyana Suprun, Energy and Coal Minister Ihor Nasalyk and Agrarian Policy Minister Taras Kutovyy, editor in chief Sonya Koshkina has said in an article entitled "Noah's Ark".

According to Koshkina, the presidential administration's ultimatum goes as follows: "either [Prime Minister Volodymyr] Groysman accepts the request for all four, or the PPB initiates his dismissal".

"Whereas Groysman would be glad to say goodbye to Nasalyk and Danylyuk on his own, and Kutovyy tendered his resignation letter over a year ago, Volodymyr Borysovych will defend Ulyana Suprun to the last. Besides, Dmytro Vovk, who has reportedly already had an "audition in the West" (albeit not too successful) is tipped to replace Nasalyk. However Volodymyr Borysovych flatly refuses to see him as a cabinet member," Koshkina says.

Other candidates to replace Groysman, according to her information, are Oleksandr Turchynov and Yuriy Lutsenko.

"Initially, Oleksandr Turchynov was offered this option. He says it is the post a "post-apocalyptic prime minister" and generally does not mind, but is taking his time. In the meantime, Yuriy Lutsenko has no reservations, he is "actively aspiring". According to him, he has set things straight in the Prosecutor-General's Office so now it is time to show Volodymyr Borysovych how to "manage the country". But the problem here is to get 226 votes and possible tectonic shifts in the coalition. It is a known fact that the People's Front leaders and Groysman have a cordial relationship and whereas they may support his replacement with Turchynov, it is not the case with Lutsenko. Besides, this will raise the question of Groysman's own future. The presidential administration continues to insist that he should chair a united and updated progovernment party. Groysman continues to resist," the editor in chief says.

Groysman's supporters in the cabinet say that the presidential administration seeks to downgrade the prime minister's post to a ceremonial body "with loads of public responsibility but without powers". Therefore, they do not agree to this option.

"Volodymyr Borysovych's supporters take confidence from the fact that he enjoys the indiscreet support of the country's wealthiest person, Rinat Akhmetov," Koshkina concludes.

The parliamentary committee for healthcare will consider a draft resolution on the dismissal of acting Health Minister Ulyana Suprun.

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