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Ukraine anticipates Russian provocation in Azov Sea

Russia may provoke a collision of its boat with a Ukrainian patrol cutter.

Ukraine anticipates Russian provocation in Azov Sea

Russia is planning to carry out a violent provocation, namely a collision with Ukrainian border guards, to strengthen its military presence in the Sea of Azov under the pretext of protecting the lives of its citizens, a source in the military has told

"We have learnt that the FSB [Federal Security Service] is planning a provocation: using certain weather conditions (fog) to artificially cause an incident involving chase, ramming and death of people as a result of actions by our border guards. During the final stage, it is planned to provoke a collision between a Russian boat with a Ukrainian patrol boat with the use of weapons," the source said.

The provocation is allegedly being planned to be held around Victory Day in May. Easter holidays and mourning days are among the possible dates too because of an expected media effect.

The State Border Service detained a boat with 10 sailors on board on 25 March. The sailors who had Russian passports issued in occupied Kerch are currently in Berdyansk, Zaporizhzhya Region. They are banned from leaving the boat. The boat was arrested on 30 March.

Russia threatened to dispatch a fleet to the Sea of Azov and demanded that Ukraine release the boat immediately. It also opened a case against Ukrainian border guards who stopped the trawler.

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