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Prosecution recalls request for Maydan activist's arrest

The text of the suspicion notice is likely to be changed.

Prosecution recalls request for Maydan activist's arrest
Ivan Bubenchyk

The Prosecutor-General's Office recalled its request for Maydan activist Ivan Bubenchyk's arrest, according to Censor.

On 3 April, he was officially declared a murder suspect. He is suspected of killing a law enforcer and a serviceman of the Internal Troops and attempting to kill a serviceman on Kyiv's Independence Square (Maydan) 20 February 2014; purchasing and carrying firearms and ammunition without a legal permit.

However, on 5 April, Deputy Prosecutor-General Alla Stryzhevska said in court that the suspicion notice would be changed. Therefore, the request for arrest has to be recalled.

A new suspicion notice will be served on the evening of 5 April.

Bubenchyk was detained on 3 April as he was about to cross into Poland. He was taken to Kyiv where prosecutors demanded his arrest.

He became known two years ago after he confessed to killing law enforcers. Bubenchyk then fought in the antiterrorist operation area in Donbas within the Dnipro-1 battalion. Later he became the commander of the West-2 battalion. From 2014 to April 2018 he was considered a witness in the case on the killings on Maydan.

Bubenchyk's detention caused mixed feelings in society as many are unhappy over the lack of progress in the trial of the Berkut riot police who shot at and killed activists of the Euromaydan protests in 2013-2014.

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