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NABU makes public Kholodnytskyy's tapes

The top antigraft prosecutor has been wiretapped for about a month.

The National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) has made public recordings secretly made in the office of Special Anticorruption Prosecutor Nazar Kholodnytskyy.

According to the NABU, it has wiretapped Kholodnytskyy for about a month. As a result, it learnt the facts that jeopardise the investigation into at least a dozen of criminal cases. Among them are such high-profile cases as an ofer of a bribe to the acting health minister, 185m hryvnyas in damages incurred by Odesa, illegal enrichment by members of the Anticorruption Agency, the organisaton of a criminal scheme by an MP to embezzle budget funds, significant violations during the issuance of a stabilisation loan to a commercial loan.

The disciplinary complaint filed by the NABU and the Prosecutor-General's Office accuses Kholodnytskyy of abuse of office; pressure on officials to ensure the adoption of required decisions, including on judges so that they avoid hearing appeals by NABU detectives; coercion of a witness to give false testimony; and warning of suspects about pending searches. All of these allegations are based on the recordings made in Kholodnytskyy's office in February-early March.

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