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Parliament defence committee approves national security bill

Parliament will discuss the presidential bill on 5 April.

Parliament defence committee approves national security bill
Photo: Max Trebukhov

The parliamentary committee for national security and defence has advised parliament to pass the presidential bill "On national security" as the basis and rework it before the second reading. 

MPs passed a resolution to this effect on 4 April, according to an correspondent. It was supported by eight committee members while MP Andriy Levus (People's Front) and Self-Reliance MPs Taras Pastukh and Semen Semenchenko abstained.

Pastukh explained he had concerns about provisions making the Cabinet of Ministers subordinate to the president (under the constitution, the cabinet reports to parliament), which he believes is unconstitutional.

NATO and EU had soe reservations about the presidential bill, too. They said that the bill does not guarantee parliamentary control over the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), one of NATO's essential requirements.

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