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Scoop of the weekend: Donbas losses, Eurovision

Scoop of the weekend: Donbas losses, Eurovision

One Ukrainian serviceman was killed and two wounded amid 12 attacks by the Russian occupying forces in Donbas on 24 February, according to the Joint Forces Operation HQ. Militants used heavy weapons banned by the Minsk agreements such as 122-mm howitzers, 120-mm and 82-mm mortars.

One Ukrainian soldier was killed in Donbas on 23 February.

Far-right parties and groups, including Freedom, the Right Sector, Sokol, the OUN, the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, C14, Yavoryna and others, said at a rally called "For clean elections, for decent life" that they are launching a "large-scale campaign of counteraction to bribery during the presidential and parliamentary elections". They promised they would "persecute in a tough manner" those who buy votes.

The Interior Ministry is launching an online system for the monitoring of election violations, according to its head Arsen Avakov.

Police are investigating calls in social media to join a rally in favour of one of presidential candidates for a reward of 600 hryvnyas. The rally was to be held in Hayvoron, Kirovohrad Region on 24 February.

Police in Kyiv and Poltava Region, acting in coordination with the cyber police and the KORD special police, have detained a man who was running a children's porno studio. Police have identified five underage victims.

Anna Korsun aka Maruv will represent Ukraine at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

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