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C14 plans to register political party

The far-right movement is currently considering options.

C14 plans to register political party

The far-right C14 movement plans to evolve into a political party, Society of the Future. Its presentation was heled on 28 September.

"Yes, we will get registered as a party. We are currently considering legal options of how to get a party structure. Collection of signatures and registration from scratch look most promising," C14 leader Yevhen Karas told

He added that a number of other national political and veteran organisations decided to join them.

Some of the founding members are former MP Yuriy Bublyk, Khmelnytskyy regional councilor Viktor Burlyk, Dnipro's Chechelivskyy district councilor Kyrylo Dorolenko, Union of Veterans of the War against Russia head Andriy Medvedko, C14's Serhiy Mazur, Education Assembly's Mykola Panchenko, and Lviv public activist Anton Petrovskyy.

Karas expects the party status to improve fundraising prospects.

Currently, the monthly budget of C14 and other projects is 10,000-20,000 dollars, a party would need 50,000-60,000 dollars. Karas considers it a "realistically raisable" sum.

In early 2019, Karas was arrested in Russia in absentia.

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