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Russian ship with stolen Ukrainian grain is in Syria - CNN

This is a bulk carrier "Matros Pozynich"

Russian ship with stolen Ukrainian grain is in Syria - CNN
Photo: Maxar Technologies

A russian merchant ship loaded with grain

previously stolen in the occupied territories of Ukraine was spotted in the port of Latakia in Syria.

This was reported by CNN.

"Matros Pozynich" is one of three ships involved in the trade in stolen grain, according to open-source research and Ukrainian officials," the statement said.

CNN reports that on April 27, the ship anchored near the Crimea and turned off its transponder. The next day, according to photographs and satellite images, it was seen at the port of Sevastopol.

Then, according to satellite images and tracking data, "Matros Pozynich" transited the Bosporus and went to the Egyptian port of Alexandria.

But Egypt was warned that the grain had been stolen and the shipment was rejected. After that, "Matros Pozynich" steamed towards the Lebanese capital Beirut, where the result was the same.

"On May 5, the ship turned off its transponder again, but images from and Maxar Technologies show that it was heading to the Syrian port of Latakia," CNN reported.

As previously reported, the grain stolen by the russians from Ukraine is already in the Mediterranean. The most likely destination country for the loot was called Syria, from where the goods could be smuggled to other countries of the Middle East.

Yesterday, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry warned consumer countries that consignments of grain sold by russia may partially or completely contain stolen grain. Such grain was obtained as a result of looting by the russian occupation authorities, and any country that knowingly buys stolen grain is an accomplice to the crime.

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