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Families of Mariupol defenders called on China to help in the evacuation from Azovstal

Our soldiers according to the extraction procedure could be removed to Turkey, but it is necessary to convince russia.

Families of Mariupol defenders called on China to help in the evacuation from Azovstal
Photo: Azov

Families of Mariupol defenders called on China to help in the evacuation of Ukrainian soldiers from the Azovstal plant blocked by the russians.

At a briefing on May 14, the wife of one of the soldiers Natalka Zarytska called on the leader of the PRC Xi Jinping.

"We believe that a strong and noble China can make difficult decisions in the name of weal because it is on guard of values. We ask the dear Xi Jinping to show great love, great care for world values, to join in saving the defenders of Mariupol," - she stressed.

Zarytska believes that Ukraine, like China, has a common destiny and a common path.

"We believe that China will not remain aside, that it will not remain silent. Therefore, we ask the dear Xi Jinping to do everything to save world values," - the wife of the Ukrainian defender stressed.

The father of the soldier of the Mariupol garrison from the "Azov" regiment noted that Ukraine asks to remove the bodies of the dead and wounded according to the extraction procedure - to a third country, neutral, where they will remain until the end of combat actions in Ukraine.

"We ask the President of the PRC to take the necessary measures for the extraction procedure, act as a third party and guarantee security. China has an influence on russia and personally on putin. Our soldiers, heroes, have almost no time left. With every minute of delay, we deprive them of a chance to live," - he said.

The wife of another defender, a Marine soldier, noted that the third country where people could be removed from Azovstal could be Turkey. President Recep Erdogan doesn't mind.

Yulia Tarasenko, the wife of the soldier-border guard, said that Xi Jinping is the most influential person with whom russia counts. russia and China have close military and economic relations.

"We ask Xi Jinping to join the negotiations on saving our servicemen from the Azovstal plant to Turkey," - she stressed.

If the leader of the PRC joins the process of evacuation of Ukrainians, he will go down in history as a man who fought for democracy and world values.

At Azovstal, all defenders have heavy or medium injuries. Only those who cannot move do not go to battle.

Earlier, the russians do not allow to remove from the territory of the enterprise even wounded and killed soldiers. At Azovstal there are, in particular, "Azov" soldiers, the 36th Marine Brigade, border guards, and law enforcement officers.

Ukraine asks to exchange people with severe wounds for russian prisoners of war. So far, we are talking about the evacuation of 60 people whose condition is severe.

Mediation in the evacuation of Ukrainians from Azovstal was offered by several countries, including Turkey and Greece, but the russians do not agree to the proposed conditions.

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