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Anticorruption court not "panacea" against corruption – OSCE expert

"Corruption is social not individual pathology."

Anticorruption court not "panacea" against corruption – OSCE expert

The most difficult task in fighting corruption is put on institutions responsible for investigation, Oleksandr Vodyannikov, National Legal Advisor of the OSCE Project Coordinator, has said in an interview with

"Ukraine, not international organisations, need the Anticorruption Court. All issues concerning the establishment of the Anticorruption Court must take into account the needs of Ukraine, the interests of Ukrainian society. Currently, the public discourse in the country is marred with disappointment and if the court is not established, public disappointment will only increase. And this already poses a threat to the effectiveness and consistency of the entire process of reforms in the state," he said.

"It should be noted that the Anticorruption Court is not a panacea against corruption. As international experience shows, the most difficult task is put on institutions responsible for investigation. The Anticorruption Court will not cope with corruption unless systemic problems of interrogation and investigation are settled. Corruption is social not individual pathology. And as a social phenomenon, it requires its own explanation namely in the context of social fabric in which it exists," he added.

On 1 March, parliament passed the presidential bill on the High Anticorruption Court as a basis.

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