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US Gen Milley: Ukraine hit over 400 Russian targets with HIMARS

US Gen Milley: Ukraine hit over 400 Russian targets with HIMARS
One HIMARS carries six GMLRS missiles

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen Mark A. Milley, has praised the competence of the Ukrainian military and noted that they had destroyed over 400 Russian targets with the HIMARS rocket systems.

Milley made this statement following the fifth meeting of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group at the Ramstein Air Base, an Ukrinform correspondent reported.

"We are seeing real and measurable gains from Ukraine in the use of these systems. For example, the Ukrainians have struck over 400 targets with the HIMARS and they've had devastating effect," he said.

In his words, despite the lack of superiority in firepower and personnel numbers, Ukrainians demonstrated a high level of tactical efficiency and unsurpassed will to fight for their country and freedom.

According to Milley, Ukrainians have recently been effectively combining the US-supplied weapons systems with military manoeuvres, excellent command and control to achieve the desired effect.

He said that the USA and other countries, which had joined the Ramstein format, would provide defence assistance to Ukraine both now and in the future.

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